5th Grade Classroom Reveal

I guess it's more like putting it all together in fifth for this one.  I was so humbled to be asked to design a classroom for a friend this year.  Lani was moving from first grade to fifth and wanted to relieve some of her stress of making such a big switch.  I worked over the summer to design and create a space that was calming for her and enjoyable for her fifth grade students.  I had a BLAST putting this together over the summer.  We miss her dearly in first grade, but she is rocking fifth already!

We used Hollie's Farmhouse Flair Bundle for all of the labels, table signs, etc.

Earbud storage pocket chart- Amazon

We found these great 3 drawer towers at Target.

Miss 5th was the inspiration for this wall of classroom promises.  It was quite the job.  I cut the letters/words using my Silhouette and just hot glued them up.  It only took me about 3 hours to finish the whole wall. 😳 But it was so worth it.. She loved the finished product!

Lani found these Big Joe bean bag chairs at Walmart.  The library pocket chart as well as the Poetry pocket chart are from Amazon.

The rug and matching pillow are from IKEA.

Lani used the Farmhouse Flair Bundle to continue the theme throughout her room.  I love that she was able to use it so many way.  How cute is her CHAMPS chart?!

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Classroom Reveal 2017

As I am sitting here hunkered down for hurricane Irma, I thought I'd spread a little sunshine and finally share my classroom.  I have been wanting to do this for weeks now, but as you can imagine, things get a little crazy after school starts.  I have a sweet group of 18 kiddos filling my room these days and we are already having such a great year.  So here's a few snapshots of my home away from home.

My tree reading tent is from Land of Nod and it is only $50 right now!  That is an insane deal on it, if you are interested.  My kiddos love reading in it during free time.  It has held up 2 years now and is in great condition.  It was definitely worth the investment to me.


Thank you Peppy Zesty Teacherista for the sweet S'more tags!

Ohhh, The Desk Fairy.  This idea comes from Learning in Wonderland.  Read her blog post to learn more about how it is used.  I found my little door at JoAnns Fabric and I used my Silhouette to cut the vinyl decal.  Our Desk Fairy has visited numerous times and my babies eat it up!! They're desks are always clean thanks to her(and the candy she brings 😉) No shame in bribery.

 Below are student mailboxes and our i-Ready data tracking wall.  Mailboxes are used for papers that need to go home with students at the end of the day.  Super simple.  Our i-Ready wall is used to track students' usage on our district's computer-based diagnostic program.  I have plans to add much more to this bulletin board so that it is interactive for students.  Check back later to see what I come up with!

Oh how I wish I'd thought of this sooner.  I've always used bins or clear snap containers to contain extra supplies and it just gets messy!  This has worked great so far to keep all the extras contained neatly.  I allow the kids to access this whenever needed.  No need for me to fuss with replacing crayons or glue sticks throughout the day.  No teacher has time for that.  They have been great about not taking advantage of this so far.  The drawers are from Walmart.

This Boo Boo Basket has really saved my life this year.   Again, I allow my kids to use this whenever needed without asking.  We had the serious talk about not taking advantage of it at the beginning of the year, and I have not had a single issue thus far.  It's great.  And the Feel Better Lotion Potion is literally like it sounds!  The kids seem to think that this lotion has magic powers or something(Thank you Johnson & Johnson). It "heals" bruises, paper cuts, imaginary splinters, and every other boo boo that is the end of the world to a 6 year old. 😂
Thank you, The Primary Peach for the wonderful idea and sweet little labels!

This is one of my favorite spots in the room.  The leaf puts a little "shade" over the computers and the kids get so excited to sit there and get their i-Ready done.  The leaf canopy is from IKEA.

 Let's not talk about the rekenreks in the bear bin or the clock hanging out with the rulers. 😜 My math stations are a work in progress for now.  

 This year I switched up my library labeling system, using Core Inspiration's Editable Classroom Library Labeling Kit.  Each of my books have a sticker that match the label on the bin which makes it so easy for students to keep the library neat and organized.

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